Andriy Gnidets, Chair, CCX Ukraine Board of Directors 

Andriy Gnidets

Joined CCX’s board of directors in 2013. 

Graduated from Ivan Franko National University of L’viv as a lawyer. Currently working as a Legal Adviser in the Parliament of Ukraine. Engaged in social activities. Andriy is a Member of the Board in Christian Lawyers Association of Ukraine. Familiar with the ministry of CCX Ukraine since his student years when he was engaged in the youth ministry.  

“It may be said without exaggeration that CCX Ukraine is an organization that prepares the future of Ukraine. Young people with a solid foundation of Christian values are a powerful driving force for the positive change in society. Therefore, I view participation in CCX’s board of directors as an opportunity to be a party to this great process.

My objective as a member of the Council of CCX is to use my experience and knowledge to help CCX to effectively carry out its mission in all spheres of modern Ukrainian society.”

Liudmyla Rusyn

General Manager of Summit Motors Ukraine, LLC, the official importer and distributor for Toyota and Lexus cars in Ukraine. Joined CCX’s board of directors in 2017.

“For me CCX is a team of people who found their calling and transform our society through their daily labor with students.

I believe that moral, ethical principles and Christian values accepted by students can change our present and future.

It is a privilege for me to take part in this ministry, and to apply my knowledge, experience, and gifts for the benefit of Ukrainian society.”

Denys Afanasiev

Joined CCX’s board of directors in 2017. Learned about CCX from his sister who was an active student of CCX, and also through the ministry for CCX alumni.  

In 2009 Denys graduated from International Christian University (ICU-Kyiv) in Kyiv, specialty “management”.  He holds BBA degree. Right after graduation he worked as a trainee at the American company Culmen International, LLC., a premier provider of technical and management services worldwide. Currently he holds the position of Country manager at this company. Due to the specifics of his work, he has visited 40 countries.

Married, has an 8-month-old son.

Likes sports, travelling, trying local cuisine in different countries.

"I support CCX Ukraine because I dream that every student could have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ personally, to lay a solid Christian foundation as a basis for building their professional carrier and success in all spheres of their lives."

Vira Dyukanova

Since 2004, Vira Dyukanova has been an active volunteer at CCX Ukraine.  Vira is one of the founders of the graduates’ ministry of CCX, aimed at providing support to students preparing to finish university, and helping graduates realize their skills and competencies after graduation from university, helping them become agents of influence in different areas of society.

Vira was one of the developers of the vision, objectives, and strategy of this movement. For about ten years she coordinated the event management teams of CCX, particularly in the regions of Ukraine outside of Kyiv, and also acted as a speaker for such events.

Throughout many years, Vira has also been one of the key partners of CCX Ukraine, passionately in love with the Organization.  She helped to build partnerships with the international movements of IFES.  In 2015 she became a CCX Board member performing supervisory and advisory functions. Since 2019 she is also a member of the IFES Global Board.

Vira completed her first degree as a finance specialist and economist, and a second degree in Communications from the University of Amsterdam. For a long time, she worked for BBС as an administrative manager.

“I am with CCX because its values, its friendly and intellectually unrestricted atmosphere, are close to my heart. I can see that through CCX I am able to live out my calling.”

Denis Gorenkov

Denis joined CCX’s board of directors in 2019. Currently he serves as the international coordinator of NGPLI at Mission Eurasia. Denis learned about CCX in 1997 during his freshman year. Denis was a student leader of the CCX chapter in Mykolaiv, an CCX missionary in Central Asia, and the Coordinator of the movement in the South region of Ukraine.

“For me CCX is a community aimed at developing student leaders and changing society. I have extensive experience serving in the CCX ministry, and I hope to be useful to the movement in the future by taking an active part in creating strategic initiatives and helping to build relationships with churches. I strive to be a loyal follower of Christ, a good husband and father, an effective minister, and an honest citizen.”

Benjamin Morrison

Joined CCX’s board of directors in 2018. Currently serving as a lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Svitlovodsk and coordinator of City to City Ukraine. Married, has two children.

“I learned about the ministry of CCX Ukraine from my wife, who repented in her student years, for which I am immensely grateful to CCX staff. For me, CCX is a unique and exciting point that intersects the lives of young people, including future leaders of Ukraine, at the crossroads of the most important years in the formation of their outlook.

I decided to become a member of CCX’s board of directors because I believe in the strategic importance of this ministry to reach the culture with the Gospel. I want to support it in every possible way, not only as a speaker at various events of CCX, but also through direct concern for the employees of the organization itself.

I hope that I will be able to introduce a pastor's point of view and the experience of many years of service to the board of directors of CCX Ukraine.”