Our mission
We work to encourage students to be reconciled to God and teach them to apply Christian principles to daily life.
Our vision
For every university in Ukraine to have an active community of Christian students who impact their universities, churches, and society in general for God's glory.
Our values
To accomplish our vision and mission all CCX Christian student groups agree to:
  1. Seek truth in God. We believe all things were created by God and science is a tool to learn God’s truth about nature and humanity. We believe Christian faith does not contradict science, and true science is only possible when viewed through faith. We help students learn how to integrate faith and science with daily life.
  2. Build student leadership. We believe that studying at a University is not only about education, it is also about growing as a person. We help students to develop consistent Christian character, good leadership qualities, active civic involvement, and professional excellence.
  3. Study the Holy Scripture. We believe the Bible is the primary resource for building our relationships with God, people, and the environment. CCX Christian student groups study the Bible continually and welcome all students to join in exploring God’s word.
  4. Apply Christ’s call to make disciples. CCX Christian student groups work within Universities to actively tell students about Jesus, the Gospel and Christian values. To widen our witness CCX seeks to build relationships with Christian groups ministering to University students in other former Soviet bloc countries.
  5. Encourage student autonomy. We believe in encouraging student leadership. Growing as Christian student leaders helps young people develop the skills necessary to make a positive impact on Ukraine’s future. For this reason we allow student leaders to manage and administer our CCX Christian student groups. 
  6. Promote participation in the Ukrainian Christian community. We believe in the importance of the local church as a place for Christian growth and fellowship. We encourage students and staff to be active in local churches and to promote unity within the body of Christ.