Since 1990, over 3,000 students joined CCX Ukraine. This year, about 200 students across Ukraine have become active ministry members. 

We sincerely believe that students are the most strategically important audience in Ukraine.  They are very open to the Gospel. When we introduce even one student to the Gospel, we influence the future of our country because today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow's society. This is what makes it possible for us to serve students in Ukraine with passion. We truly believe that it is our personal and organizational contribution to changing Ukraine for the better.

CCX Ukraine is not the only student missionary organization in Ukraine, but it is unique for several reasons:

First, CCX is the only Christian mission that carries out big evangelistic projects right on the university campuses in Ukraine.

Second, CCX is the only Christian mission in Ukraine that works with non-Christian students through Christian students and professors, encouraging the latter to actively share the Good News.

And, we are madly in love with God's Word! Evangelistic Bible study has always been a key part of CCX groups’ ministry at the university and every year we try to make Bible study more creative and attractive to non-Christian students.

CCX invites you to become a part of this exciting ministry and help change the situation in Ukraine by contributing and praying.

Join us!


For project descriptions and ways to help, please see information below.


SALT Conference

The annual all-Ukrainian conference SALT takes place in winter. Its primary aim is to inspire and equip believing students to live a real Christian life in the context of the modern university, influencing their environment for the glory of God. For five days, students from all over Ukraine spend time together studying the Scripture, communicating, having fellowship, and learning at various seminars and workshops. The culmination of the conference is a symbolic sprinkling of students with salt, during which they give dedicate themselves to serve in CCX throughout the year.

Our CCX team has already begun preparations for SALT 2020. The budget for this event is about $9,000. It includes food and accommodation for 110 people, logistics, speakers, and more. The students cover some of the costs with their contributions, and we raise some from our partners and friends in the West. But we need to find the rest of the funding in Ukraine, more than $ 1,500 or 40 000 UAH.

If you want to influence generations of future Ukrainian leaders, please make a donation for this conference.

Amount to raise: $1,500


The BIBLE & LIFE (B&L) course is a set of training activities and materials that helps CCX staff develop Christian students. This course consists of three levels of study, which take place over three weekends over the course of one year (usually in autumn, winter and spring).

The first level teaches discipleship: what it means to follow Jesus and tell others about Him. The second level teaches personal inductive Bible study: how to fill yourself with the Word and help others learn to study the Bible. The third level teaches students to disciple other students: how to help others grow.

Each year, dozens of CCX students take the three levels of B&L across all CCX ministry regions. One weekend out of town for twenty students costs $500. Part of the costs are covered by the students themselves, and some are donated by our partners abroad. We need to find the rest of the funding in Ukraine.

If you want to help a new generation of student leaders take the BIBLE & LIFE course in 2019, you can donate money to this fund.

Amount to raise: $500 per one B&L conference in one region

Evangelistic Bible Study

Every week, Christian students from thirty universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and L’viv gather with their non-believing friends to study the Bible. This is about 300 students a week, which means about 300 opportunities to hear the Gospel and make a life-changing decision. One Bible study group meeting costs around 200 UAH (tea, coffee, cookies, sandwiches, and printed materials).


This is an evangelistic, educational and socio-cultural project, launched right after Maidan (the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine in 2013). The overall purpose of the project is to break through the socio-cultural stereotypes and build ground for the understanding and relationships between Eastern and Western Ukrainian students, redeeming not only their souls, but their cities and country.

In fact, during the first stage of the project, we gather believing and non-believing students from Kharkiv and bring them to L’viv for the May holidays. During a week they get acquainted with the culture, traditions and the city life of L’viv, visit local cathedrals and talk to priests, and discover the Christian roots of the city. In the mornings, students have Bible studies and conversations together on spiritual topics.

During the second part of the project, we do the opposite: we gather students from L’viv and bring them over to Kharkiv.

These May holidays it will cost us around 40,000 UAH. Part of the budget will be covered by student contributions, but we will still need to raise around 30,000 UAH to implement this initiative.

Amount to raise: $1250


Mission Week is a great apologetic evangelistic project. During the course of one week, students and staff of CCX Ukraine hold a variety of activities on different campuses of a city. Morning flashmobs, lunch discussions, debates, open lectures, creative evening programs and many other events become the main attraction for students. The purpose of the project is to draw students’ attention to difficult questions about life and God and to share the Gospel with them.

Over the four years of its existence, the project has become a calling card of CCX Ukraine and has helped many students to make a decision to follow Jesus. Each year, about 3,000 students participate in the Mission Week program. We invite you to take a closer look at the project by watching our promotional video at this link.

Mission Week is the most expensive evangelistic project in CCX. It requires a high quality approach at all levels, from marketing and advertising to top speakers and musicians. One Mission Week in Kyiv or Kharkiv costs about 70,000 UAH. We try to raise a big part of the money from partners in the West, but we always need to raise at least 20% of the total amount in Ukraine. Please help us find these funds and give 3,000 students the opportunity to hear the Gospel this year.  

Amount to raise: $2,500 per one project in one region