Globally CCX's activity is performed in three dimensions:

  1. Creating and empowering Christian students centres by Ukrainian universities, protecting ou members' rights and interests, facilitating the idea of students' self-governing.

  2.  Mentoring and facilitating the development of moral values in young people through communication; Bible study and encouragement to seek vital values and active life-style; teaching and supporting organization's members in effecting their skills and knowledges after gradution.

  3.  Civil activity - oragization's members active involvement in the society's life, university's life and the life of Christian community in Ukraine.

Locally organization facilitates development of morality among young people, spreading Bible knowledge and CCX mmbers' involvement into modern science, world cultue and art, active civil life. In collaboation with other student communities, professors and universities' authoities CCX arranges conferences, symposiums, seminars, meetings, contests, festivals, literary and music events, exhibitions, lectues, sport events, camps, other events that correspond to the inverests, goals and essence of the oganization.