SALT was Immensely Salty

January was a month when we had two amazing projects, and training conference for Christian students, Salt was one of them.

This year the conference gathered a bit more than 40 students and workers from all 4 CCX regions of Ukraine. 

For 5 days students grew in their understanding of God's character in particular about the aspect of leadership, which will be helpful in their local endeavors.
Richard Lamb, our speaker, one of our partners and the author of manual "Images of leadership" equipped students with theoretical and practical knowledge about 3 main images: Leader Shepherd, Leader Servant, and Leader Patient.

The last topic was the most crucial for many students. This image of leadership in practical terms means that before helping someone else you are to address God and ask for healing first for yourself. Only then you can lead others to the Healer and Doctor, the one who sets us free.

Anna from Kharkiv wrote the following:
"An amazing conference that made me rethink the concept of leadership and helped me to see my mistakes when it comes to leading the group at my university. God is the best leader and at the conference I saw I can become just like Him in it."

Another feedback from Oleksiy, L'viv university student proves the previous point:
"It was the 3rd SALT conference I attended so I have something to compare it to. I am utterly surprised that everything went with ease. At the last conferences I was exhausted but this time I am inspired, encouraged, and equipped. This time students were more involved, the topic sounded wholesome and there was only one subject to discuss. I also enjoyed challenges in the city and that we had plenty of time for ourselves strolling through the narrow gobble-stoned streets of L'viv. All in all, 10 out of 10!"

Press Centre of CCX Ukraine