Mission Week


Mission week


Evangelism project that takes a week and is held within the university. Every day has following parts:


  • Afternoon discussions - talking over acute provocative issues concerning God and Christianity which are interesting for most students. The dialogue is held in a friendly atmosphere with light snacks.


  • Evening meetings – each of the five evenings hosts speakers on the topics of personal identification, authenticity of Jesus being God, relevance of 2000-year-old events to modern students etc. Evening meetings are very popular because they are accompanied by cozy atmosphere and live music.


Every mission week gives explanation of an issue important for students and speakers show how close God is to our modern life problems.


The project impresses and appeals to students because everyone feels accepted no matter his or her point of view. Mission week is a place that motivates people to speculate over issues that are usually postponed. There is no pressuring students into changing their way of thinking but, rather, calling them to look from different perspectives.

Mission week at the university empowers Christian students as a team and helps them share their beliefs with other students. It’s a week of active public and personal evangelism that gives a good start for having public and personal Bible study.

Kyiv Mission Week 2016: