Mark Camp. Its Importance for Students and Staff

Dear partners, you probably already know something about Mark Camp, but this year it has become a national project, not a regional one. That's why several directors from different regions were assigned to work tirelessly for several months to make it happen. According to the reviews, the result was unsurpassed, and the atmosphere was special, as if Christ was in the flesh among the participants. Vika Agarkova, our staff from Kharkiv team, shares her feedback below.

Almost all the students cried when they shared how God influenced them through this camp.They did not want to leave. Two foreign students from Kharkiv said that they felt at home. Especially one Muslim student shared that despite the fact that he was from another religion, he felt accepted and welcome. At the end a lot of students wept and could not stop, and we all cried with them because we wanted to stay in this amazing presence of God. This is the work of the Holy Spirit! We were just delighted to witness God's mighty work! I do not want to exaggerate, but I have not seen such unity and work of the Holy Spirit at the national projects before. It was unbelievable! Students and we came back transformed! For CCX Kharkiv it was a life-changing trip - we became a family. 
Ukrainian students repented that they lived as Pharisees and that God chastised them a lot. 

After such projects, life is divided into "before" and "after". At the meeting after the camp, we studied the passage from the Bible where the Lord calls us to love and care for foreigners. Our attention and care for the international students was the greatest evidence of Christ's love. Students were the 5th Gospel themselves. And the painstaking work of the Kharkiv team for many months also proved to be very effective.

The feedback from the Coordinator of the L'viv team was also full of vivid impressions. Here are the conclusions the team made after the camp:

After Mark Camp, several students began to study the Scriptures with their mentors about baptism. That was one of the decisions one of the L'viv students made as a next step in following Christ. Also after Mark Camp, Renata Goshovska, Milagros scholarship holder, began mentoring meetings with new student from L'viv. There they study the Scriptures together in order to help a new believer follow Christ.

The feedback from the Kyiv team is no less joyful, because the work of the Holy Spirit was evident at the camp.

In Kyiv, students are also very enthusiastic about Mark Camp. They said they have never dug the Word so deeply before and want to continue studying. They shared their impressions of certain passages and topics they had not seriously considered before.

One girl is experiencing a crisis of faith, and Mark Camp has further exacerbated the question of where she is spiritually and what she believes in.

How can you study the Gospel six hours a day and make it interesting? Some students before the camp worried if they would digest such a large portion of God's Word. At the end of the camp, they could not contain their feelings at how much they had learned from the Gospel of Mark. The mystery of the Kingdom of God, the parable of the Sower, the authority and power of Jesus, the disciples. Students listed all the stories and conclusions they remembered the most. Several students decided to continue reading the rest of Mark's Gospel after camp. Some plan to come to the second level next year. Looking at the students, we rejoice as the Word of God changes and captivates them!