English Camp at Its Best

Another brilliant project of ours started right the next day after the conference SALT. English language camp was held in the same location as the conference - near L'viv in an amazing Roman-Catholic seminary. 

Usually our winter camps are a bit smaller in terms of number of students but nevertheless all of the students that attend it were immensely satisfied with the experience. 

Five days of camp staff and campers were studying passages with Jesus' great statements "I am..." as the main theme which was also reflected in the name of the camp. Students were discovering the secrets of Jesus' parables getting the essence of His teachings. The primary goal was, of course, to help them improve their English giving them spiritual food along the way. Most of the campers were non-believers thus almost none of them ever heard, read, or understood the passages. For that reason every small group had an experienced Christian to help the students to understand and answer possible questions. 

Apart from that students used English all 5 days everywhere they went in everything they did, including sports, challenges, free time, seminars, board and other games, and parties. Many of them built connections and befriended each other. "I am happy with the experience and a theme, it helped me to understand more about Jesus and who I am" - Shared one of the students, "I liked the style of discovering Bible, the best topic for me was about darkness and light" - writes another one.

CCX English uses English language as a tool to reach out to all of the unreached in Ukraine and we think that this camp helped some of the students to come one step closer to faith, to transform their minds and to hone their skills.

Press Centre of CCX Ukraine