Bible & Life: Level 1

In L’viv, this year’s Bible & Life: Level 1 conference took place live on October 9-10th. Eight students took part in the event. For three of them it was already the 2nd B&L: Level 1, and being the CCX students, they took a more active part in the conference. They conducted small Bible study groups on Luke 5: 1-11, and organized “Evening in the CCX family" together with other participants of the student council.

Many students shared that the seminar “The Lordship of Christ” by Anatoly Sapsay influenced them the most. After the conference, they discussed the topic and made decisions to follow Jesus. They reflected on the sins they need to leave and the steps they need to take. What is more, the students remembered and found very useful the seminar on quiet time with God, where they learned some tips to diversify one’s communication with God in prayer and reading the Word.

Some students chose to pray more devotedly on different days of the week for various areas of their lives. Other students, in addition to using the usual inductive method, began to reread the text of Scripture over a week, thus reflecting on it better and more deeply.

Two girls from the Academy of Arts attended this conference for the first time. In October, after the conference, they began to conduct evangelistic Bible studies with their friends in their dormitory.

So, we pray that God will continue to change the students and use them to influence their friends after the conference!

At the same time, on the same dates, Bible & Life: Level 1  took place in Kyiv. Because almost all universities in Kyiv have been closed for quarantine since the beginning of the semester, five students gathered at the CCX office, and those who could not be physically present watched the conference online.

In between good seminars, there was an opportunity to discuss raised topics together, share outreach experience, and talk about complex issues. Since almost all students were from National Pedagogic Dragomanov University, B&L: Level 1 was a good opportunity for them to get to know each other, and to analyze and discuss each seminar through the prism of how to start a chapter at their university and share faith with their groupmates. They have already started online Bible study groups because of quarantine. We have been praying for a long time with a team of staff and students to find new students to join CCX ministry in Kyiv. During the pandemic, we realized that we had very limited possibilities to find new students, however, God had His Own plan. Students from different churches learned about CCX. A couple of students from Dragomanov University and National Aviation University joined our ministry. This month we held our first meetings, Bible studies. 

Please pray the chapters will develop, new students will join and the enthusiasm in the outreach despite the pandemic won’t disappear.

During Bible & Life: Level 1 in Kharkiv, the team and students learned what “The Joy of following Jesus” is. At the conference, staff and students studied together reflecting on the following topics: “Grace”, “The Lordship of Christ”, “Quiet Time with God”, “Outreach Through Friendship”, “Evangelistic Bible Study”.

Everyone without exception spent useful time because the Lord worked with the hearts encouraging and rebuking. Many students have decided to spend time with God and regularly share the Gospel with their friends. It was a great joy for us to have six international students present at the conference. We experienced His presence worshiping Him.

Odessa team started its Bible & Life on Friday evening. The seminar on "Grace" was conducted by the pastor of the church with the same name "Grace", and the head of the youth department of the regional association of the Baptist Christians, Roman Kalashnikov. He explained the passage from the chapter 15 of the Gospel of Luke and connected it to Rembrandt's famous painting "The Return of the Prodigal Son".

Students in Odessa immersed themselves very deeply in the topic, but due to technical problems of broadcasting, participants from other cities could not do it. Therefore, the staff at the locations did not part and organized a study of the passage from the Gospel of Luke in small groups.