Winter Camp “BEYOND”!

Winter is here - time for another English camp!

January 23, 2016, not far from the magical city of Lviv, a team of CCX workers and volunteers from the US and Great Britain will be looking forward to welcoming students from different cities of Ukraine.  They’ll spend really unforgettable and useful holidays together in Winter Camp “BEYOND”!

For 5 days students will be plunged into the English speaking surroundings where they will be able to practice their speaking and listening skills. The program is busy and diverse so that students can process the newly acquired information. Each day a theme of the day is discussed in small discussion groups where everyone can have their say. Daily outdoor active team games are also included into the program. The game assignments can be done only with one’s team. An important part of the camp is daily Bible study in small groups where short passages from the Bible and their practical application in our modern lives are discussed in English.

During the day the participants attend optional seminars: English, interpretation, time-management, psychology, budgeting, women in leadership, etc.  In the evenings there is a choice between a movie night, table games, art activities and fellowship over a cup of tea and cookies.

The last evening is traditionally closed with a student talent show.

CCX Winter Camp is a free space for learning something new. That is why our participants are never afraid of making a mistake. It is also a great place for spending time with your friends or making new acquaintances.  It is a safe place, too, for asking any spiritual questions, or asking about Jesus.

Since the project is aimed at improving the command of the English language among the students, participation fee is also very student-friendly.


For more information and registration please fill out the application form here

Don’t wait. The number of places is limited!