We did not Forget Our Alumni. The First Meeting of Cross-Current Proves It!

The first meeting of the program Full-time Christian took place in Irpin’ (a small city not far from Kyiv) on September 8-10, 2017.

This is a Ukrainian Cross-Current City Group of the project IFES GRADUATEiMPACT. In essence, this is a 3-year series of meetings of a mentoring group (up to 12 participants) for young Christians starting their professional activities.

The program aims to unite young Christians of different professions and, within three years, to help and teach them how to effectively combine their faith and professional life.

Communication and interaction between the participants and the speakers were intense and warm. Graduates who took part in the event work in a variety of fields and deal with biology, social marketing, political affairs, children's education and writing articles about IT. This made it possible to learn a lot of new information and share the experience of Christians in various fields.

In addition, guests were invited: successful professionals in their business, who shared their practical experience on how to be a Christian at work. Their testimonies were very encouraging for the participants.

On the last day of the meeting several participants were asked to share about their experiences from the event and some practical steps they want to take in their future life and profession. A survey was also conducted for all participants regarding the overall evaluation of the meeting and advice for future events.

In general, the meeting was held in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. All the participants were open to new information and took an active part in the discussions. The participants enjoyed the games and the time of rest and communication they had together after the training sessions.

The next meeting is scheduled for late February 2018.

The group is open to new members – join us!