Viktoriia Shevchenko

My name is Victoria Shevchenko and I am twenty years old. I am a tourism manager, and graduated from the Center for Jewelry Art of Kyiv. My family is very big. My mom has six children and I am the youngest. Also, my mom has been a grandmother twelve times already – they say she's a happy woman. When I was ten months old, our father died. It was the most difficult time in our family's life. At the age of fourteen, I moved to the capital to study in college, and that year I accepted God into my heart.

I came to church because of my friends, and it was through those people that I came to know the true God. I expect that at CCX I will be able to serve young students who need sincere friendship, just as I needed it in my university years. Through this friendship, they will be able to know the love of God. I believe that by influencing students' lives, we are building a successful future for ourselves and beyond.