A Story of Impact

Diana Skorniakova is one of our own. She recently graduated from National Aviation University where she actively participated in CCX evangelistic projects and attended a local Bible study group. Right now she serves in Nepal. Here what she says about her passion: "When I had just moved to Kyiv to study at the university  I joined a team of students who served at an orphanage twice a month and conducted Bible studies for older children and I liked it. Serving orphans became my passion. When I graduated I prayed a lot about my passion. In summer 2018, a team came to our church to organise a camp for orphans. There I met a man whose best friend had been serving in the orphanages of Nepal for two years, and he desperately needed assistance in the ministry. I decided to apply. The trip required a lot of finances which I did not possess, and I said to the Lord in a prayer, “Lord, if you give me finances, I’ll go”. And here I am. I have been in Kathmandu for three months already (out of four planned). At first, I helped with a girls’ orphanage. I conducted physical education, then we had a time of English reading, then I took them to school. Also I brought them home from school and we spent time together after. During that time they had dinner, did their homework, and played different outside games. In the evenings they had devotion time (prayer, worship, reading the Scripture)".

CCX helped her to understand the value of service, when you can “wash” the feet of your neighbour or the one you lead, showing them (and this is another CCX value) servant leadership, the type of leadership shown by Jesus. Diana is practising it now. 

The CCX team is grateful for Diana’s involvement in the orphan ministry and proud to have such a great example for the coming generations of students.

Press Centre of CCX Ukraine