ССХ Talks

On February 12, 2019, CCX Ukraine organized a dynamic conference for youth leaders called “CCX Talks”. All talks concerned the main theme of the event: how to share the Gospel with the younger generation in a clear and effective way.

Oleksiy Savochka, the leader of the youth movement Real Life from Spasinnya Church, was the first speaker of the conference.

“Love is the main principle of any ministry. Young people need love more than ever. One can do all sorts of things with empathy and in a modern way, but the most important thing is to become their friend, and sometimes even become like a father or mother. Teens often live without parents. Our ministry will grow to the extent of our hearts; the wider we open our hearts the bigger our ministry becomes,” began Oleksiy.

Oleksiy also shared some simple but important principles of the youth ministry. “It is a structure, a team, and a system. There is nothing wrong in having a specific plan,” said the speaker. “The structure and specific plan help us to know that after a great concert or party, young people will not be lost, but will be able to come to a small group meeting, engage in communication with Christians, and stay in church,” he assured.

Oleksiy confirmed that all their youth events are always aimed at evangelism (camps, clubs, conferences, street outreach, and small groups).

Angelica Tkachenko, the chief leader of Steiger Ukraine, continued the talks. This movement concentrates on street evangelism for modern youth.

“We must speak the ‘people's language’, i.e. the language of music, art, creativity, social networks,” said the speaker. She encouraged the participants to make their life and mission a lifestyle. “Jesus was where people were. Therefore, it's important not to be afraid of non-believers, but to seek ways to evangelize,” added Angelica.

It is worth noting that the methods and programs of Steiger Ukraine are used worldwide. In 2018, different communities used the ideas of the organization and conducted street evangelism in 50 cities in Russian-speaking countries. The speaker confirmed that they are happy to cooperate with churches and share their resources and ideas that “are actually rather simple, but at the same time effective and creative, and help people to hear the Good News”.

Evgen Voit, the leader of the movement Holy Spirit Night in Eastern Europe, was the third speaker. He shared his principles of successful ministry. “It is very important in the pursuit of success, not to end up alone!” began Evgen. The speaker explained that ministers often burn out, and lose balance in their lives. Evgen shared his secrets, which help him to maintain integrity in his ministry, family, and work.

Four Principles from Evgen on How to Keep Your Life Balance

  1. Air

Put God at the center of everything, everything else is a series of events. Do not beat the air, but hit the target; be present where you are (both physically and mentally) and get involved as much as possible.

If you are at home, do not work, but pay maximum attention to your relatives. When you are at work, get into the process, etc.

  1. Seasons

There is a season for everything, including priorities. The speaker explained that there are periods when one project takes longer than the other, but “if you have good and quality relationships with your loved ones, then even a little time with them may be better”.

  1. Giving

Share your experience, become a blessing, have an attitude of giving, give your finances, time, attention. Share your gifts and ideas, and it will bring many blessings into your life.

  1. Good Advice

Take advice from outside yourself. Listen to the thoughts of others on your team, because they often see everything from another angle and can point out something you do not see.

Marina Gnatyshyna, Central region coordinator of CCX Ukraine, shared about CCX Ukraine’s project called “Mission Week”. She immediately warned, “It is very important not to regard a person as an object of the project. When inviting a non-believing person to various events, surround them with attention and care, show sincerity. Students are not only creative people, but also intellectuals, so the format of discussions is a good method of evangelism”.

The Mission Week project is a series of events carefully planned beforehand, including discussions with interesting professors, talks, games, and a café aimed at considering the meaning of life, God, and other important issues, where we share Biblical point of view. Marina explained that after such meetings students want to know more about God and the Bible. That is why CCX Ukraine encourages Christian students to become “agents of influence”, i.e. to make friends with a new person, invite them over a cup of coffee, share their faith in a personal conversation.

Polina Biriukova, English department coordinator of CCX Ukraine, shared how CCX Ukraine uses creativity for youth outreach. These are not only clubs featuring the English language, but also the theatrical performance called “Mark Drama”. This format is already used in 20 countries, and was performed for the first time in Ukraine in L’viv. The point is to act out the entire Gospel of Mark in a specific way, when invited spectators become the actors, without special costumes.
“This format helps people to experience the Biblical story on a personal level, when the viewers become direct participants. There were occasions when even atheists and Muslims wanted to hear more about the Gospel after participating in the scene,” shared Polina.

By the way, CCX Ukraine has already planned to put on two perfomances on April 22-23, 2019.

After the main part of the meeting, all the participants could talk to each other, drink coffee and tea, get acquainted with the partner stands: the National Day of Prayer (this year it will be June 8), different projects from the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, and a Christian brand of clothing called “NON” (No Other Name).

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