Spring revival is on its way

Students’ Adventures in Krakow, Poland: Gospel of Mark Camp

Mark Camp took place in Cracow on February 22-25, 2019. The camp was all about the inductive study of the Gospel of Mark; that was the only program. The participants studied the Gospel of Mark, chapters 1 through 4. It took them twenty-five hours in total. Each study lasted around two hours and a half. CCX L’viv sent nine of its delegates: eight CCX students and one non-believing student (the latter has already been to some of the CCX events and English camps).

Mark Camp helps students to better understand how to inductively study the Scripture both individually and with friends, how to lead and mentor others, and in doing so, grow in love for God and His Word. It helps to equip and prepare students for ministry in their chapters before the beginning of a new semester, and for many projects including the coming Mission week.


Odessa Lectures: Humans – Social Beings

Relationships surround us on all sides, and they are vital for a person as a social being. CCX Odessa held a lecture on the topic “Destructive Relationships” by Roman Shchetinin on February 14, 2019. Twenty-two listeners heard what it means to be in a destructive relationship and took some short tests to define whether they had ever experienced such relationships or suffer from them at present.

We all are constantly in different relationships – with parents, brothers / sisters, friends, colleagues. For all of the young people who attended this lecture and who are still in search of their soulmate, the lecture proved to be very useful. The students’ feedback showed that they are actively searching for further steps to take for their relationships to flourish and bring benefit. The CCX Odessa team decided to take the students who are interested into the already existing groups and lead the students throughout their journey.


An Exotic Topic in a Conservative City: Talks about “IT”

On February 15, 2019, CCX Mykolaiv held a street evangelism event downtown. A team of volunteers and the youth from different churches helped CCX team to organise the project. The main objective of the event was to tell the citizens what a big and loving heart our Heavenly Father has for us, and of course, share the Gospel as well as to invite student to the event on the next day.

On February 16, the team held a talk show on the topic “Why God Created Sex”. Sixty young people attended the event. The speakers of the talk show were Andriy and Olena Polishchuk, the pastors of Peremoga church in Mykolaiv, Kirill Plado, South Region Coordinator of CCX Ukraine, and Mykola Levchenko, a special guest from Myrgorod, one of the leaders of the movement “Rukhomi Vichnistiu” (Driven by Eternity) aimed at spreading Christian values among youth and as a follow inviting the students to our regular discussion clubs and groups where leader will be able to answer all of the additional questions.

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