Mykhaylo Melnikov, CCX Ukraine General Secretary

Mikhaylo has been with CCX since 2004, starting from being student leader, then student worker in the Crimea and regional coordinator in Kyiv. 

He is a specialist of Informational calculating systems, graduated from National Aerospace University KhAI.


“I am with CCX because it fascinates me that Christianity can be intellectual. I want Ukrainian students to see the beauty of it.”



Maryna Gnatyshyna, Central Region Coordinator

Marina started to work at CCX in 2014, sharing her vision with many Christian students. And now she is the coordinator of CCX in the Central region. 

Graduated from Kyiv National Linguistic University as an English and German interpreter.

I love working with CCX because it is actually dealing with the eternal things. It is amazing  - helping Christian students with being the light and the salt in their universities and then see their friends coming to Christ. What can be better than that?”


Alexander Zhakun, Student Ministry Development Manager

Alexander graduated from Simferopol Transport College and Ukrainian Lutheran Theological Seminary of St. Sophia as deacon.

Married, has a son.

“I work for CCX because it is one of few Christian organizations in Ukraine that is working for the future of our society, helping stu

dents grow not only spiritually. There is this opportunity to share with students what God has given me so that they will be able to become active members of the society.




Irena Huseva, HR Manager 

Presently Irena is the coordinator of CCX Ukraine training programs in Lviv.

Irena graduated from Pedagogic University as the teacher of English and German. She also studied at International Chris tian centre in Austria - certified courses of theology, art and psychology. Graduated from “NGO Management” certified program at Ukrainian Catholic University.

Married, has two sons.


Serhiy Lebedyev, Fundraising Manager

Serhiy studied in Poland where he earned a Master’s Degree in English philology. In September 2017, he started to work at CCX as a staff worker in the Central Region. As of September, 2018, Serhiy serves as the Fundraising Director of CCX Ukraine.

"My vocation is ministry. I decided to join the ministry of CCX Ukraine because it combines 5 main landmarks, by which I choose a place to work: 1) what I like to do, 2) what I am good at, 3) what is paid for, 4 ) what is useful to society, 5) and what is in accordance with God's will and His plan for my life. The location is not as important to me as the value of the work.  I returned to Ukraine in order to influence at least one soul and this desire of mine perfectly coincides with the vision and mission of CCX Ukraine.”


Polina Biriukova, English Department Coordinator     

Polina Biriukova is a full time staff with CCX-Ukraine, Director of English Department.

Polina graduated from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

“CCX is huge support group and a school for my spiritual and personal growth. It helped me to identify and develop the potential of a leader and grow as evangelist. This is what I offer students I work with. I help them to idetify and develop their God's given potential, take responsibility for the university they study at and boldly share the Gospel with their friends."


Vasyl Aharkov, East Region Coordinator   

Vasyl has been with CCX since 2015 when he began as a student leader, then became a student worker in Kharkiv, and now he serves as regional coordinator in Kharkiv. 

In 2015 he graduated from Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University with a master’s degree in System Engineering and Robotics. Vasyl is currently studying at the Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine in the Masters of Theological Studies program.


“CCX is a unique ministry that teaches students to live by the Gospel. I like to see students change and affect everything around them. I want to help Ukrainian students change our country for the better.”


Kirill Plado, South Region Coordinator     

Graduated from Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Married, has a son.             

"Today, I am a staff worker of CCX, dreaming that the hand of God continue to lead me in this ministry. My task in Odessa is to create a team of students who will later serve at local universities. I believe that the basis of any success is not a person, but a team following God. I dream God will raise up young leaders who will be competent to share the truths of their convictions."


Yevgen Kulchytsky, West Region Coordinator

Yevgen studied at L’viv National Music Academy, graduating with a Master’s Degree, and a specialty in Orchestral Music. In 2016, he graduated from Irpin Bible Seminary in Ukraine with a specialty in Pastoral Ministry.


"My great and sincere desire is to help students understand God’s call in their lives and live according to it. For me CCX is a team of like-minded people. I joined CCX Ukraine, because I saw there a team of people who truly loves students, nurtures leaders, teaches them to work in a team, and trains them to serve other students."