Russian Clubs with Turkish Lads

Starting a club is always a challenge even so with the Russian language club in Odesa. Odesa is known for hosting a lot of students from Arabic countries who come here to study medicine, languages and engineering. Our team in the Southern region decided to take an opportunity and run an outreach club. Three meetings has been held since September with a turn out of up to 30 students with a strong Turkish majority.

At one of the meetings Odesa and Mykolayiv team invited christian professors and students from the University of Arts to share about what they are inspired by. They also answered an important question of purpose of art and had a chance to deliver a message about God as a Great Architect and Designer of all things. Both, guests and students had amazing discussions and decided to meet for a coffee after. That is how CCX encourages the pursuit of the truth using the international ministry.

Press Centre of CCX Ukraine