October Victories for the Kingdom

Student Council as a Student Role Model in Mykolayiv

What has been announced as the "Tsunami" project and carefully planned by 10 members of our student council has grown into a fully-fledged movement in Mykolayiv. With the help of local students from different universities and financial help from our supporters they did a huge amount of work organising a number of events, cleaning parks, and talking to student and representatives of administration about future cooperation. 2 lectures were held at Mykolayiv National University with an average turn-out of 50 students, 1 social project, 1 student party - all of this happened within a couple of days!

During the lecture titled "Eco-geology" students listened to the way the Bible can be used in a practical way and then had a chance to apply their knowledge - cleaning the local park in Mykolayiv, setting an example (as in the picture below) for the rest.

Events like that help us to develop better communications between our active groups and interested students, as well as to build necessary relationships for further work of our newly established CCX chapter in Mykolayiv, that help us to achieve our goals, set for this academic year.


Bible and Life (Lots of Life) Conference in Kharkiv

At the end of October CCX Kharkiv team gathered together for the annual conference Bible and Life! They went far from the city and left the hustle behind. All in all we had around 30 participants, 2 teachers, and 4 staff workers and volunteers.

The program was immensely intense: 5 seminars, manuscript Bible studies, an evening in the CCX family, and much more. On the first evening we reflected on the topic of "Grace" together with the pastor, Paul Schwarz. The next morning we continued to reflect on the Lordship of Christ in our lives. After lunch we plunged into thoughts about "Quite Time" and "The Importance of the Church", "Being a friend and preaching the gospel."

After such a blessed time together many participants decided to reconsider their priorities in life in order to devote time to quiet and secluded time with God. Some have redefined their attitude to the church, and realized the importance of being part of a local community. Some students realized that Christ did not reign in all ways of life and turned to Him with prayer. That fits to the vision of the conference and CCX in general - to refresh, equip, imbue, and encourage our active students to impact their universities for the whole academic year.


Love, Religion, and Big Politics in Odesa

As you know, CCX Ukraine has opportunities to invite amazing lecturers to Ukraine. This time, on October 22, 2018, 4 Odesa staff workers and around 50 students from the Law Academy had a fascinating chance to hear a lecture from professor Espinoza titled "Race, Religion and American Elections". The next day the professor led an open lecture "Types of Love" for the willing students with a turn-out of 30 students.

There students were able to understand the difference between types of love, as well as to conduct a test for the love languages. Dima, a student of Odesa Naval Academy, shared his experience with us: "The professor did an amazing job answering difficult questions, I think love can change the world". To tell the truth with love and answer students' needs is what CCX Ukraine did that day with the help of volunteers and great professors like Espinoza.


Run, Forest, Run! 

In the beginning of October Kyiv English ministry team decided to popularise the Gospel using a creative approach toward sharing the Good news - running. Here's a link to a short video:

Our English ministry team included 3 staff and 2 volunteers who are experienced runners. One of the volunteers created a training plan for preparing to run 5k. It was very helpful. Weekly training started in September. 6 students joined our running club: 4 of them have been at our events before and 2 met us during Freshers’ days at one of the universities where we have a regular speaking club. Students were coming to most of the meetings, where we shortly discussed themes like balance and perseverance, etc., concerning both body and mind. 
On October 7 the team participated in the Kyiv City Marathon. Students where impressed and wanted more. The Marathon is just a beginning of new relationships, that will lead to Christ in time.The Marathon also appeared to be a helpful team building event, a brilliant networking activity, and a platform to live the Gospel, which was also noticed by other non-believing participants. Some of those were invited to our Bible study groups within Kyiv. 


Training to Multiply

At the end of October CCX Ukraine hosted guests from 4 different countries: Moldova, Russia, Georgia, and Belarus'. 

Thirty people from five nations (including Ukraine) were participating in Discipleship making training outside Kyiv. Organised with the help of the McLellan Foundation we managed to learn (at least in theory and soon in practice) what the main principles, tools, and grounding for the multiplication of disciples are. 2 days of training were spent on analysis of different passages, cases in the Bible, and the Great Commissioning... Important questions were covered: how to tell 3 stories (yours, mine, and Jesus'), where to start, 5 DNA to pass to your group, etc... 

Ukrainian representatives and interns, as well as the rest of the teams, were immensely pleased to be equipped with the info. Now they are ready to make Great Commissioning a reality, and multiply, wave after wave.

CCX Ukraine ragularly organizes different trainings to equip and support staff in discipleship making because it is one of the main values and core objectives of the organization for the year. 

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