Mission Rocket. In 25 Years CCX Ukraine Reached 26 000 Student Non-believers with The Gospel

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, new and independent Ukraine opened its doors to preaching the Gospel. For CCX, which operated in those days, this collapse was only an impetus for the magnification of its activities, but not the commencement of work. After all, since 1989, the American student organization InterVarsity (still a partner of CCX) participated in so-called "academic exchanges" in Kyiv, Nizhyn, Mykolaiv, Gorlivka, and other cities. American and Ukrainian students were already working hard preaching the Gospel to students.

The following year, after the "empire of evil" vanished off the face of the earth, appeared the Fellowship of Christian Students (CCX Ukraine) - almost the same, as we know it today. So, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of CCX in Ukraine was based on this extraordinary date, despite the fact that the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice only officially registered the mission in 1999. 

Now CCX is celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday.  As a rule, at this age a person climbs the career ladder, becomes more and more effective at work, and more dedicated to the family. Why not draw parallels with CCX? Let's try.

During the celebration of the organization's anniversary, which took place on February 3, 2018, near Kyiv, 170 participants heard stunning numbers: the mission works in 30 universities, and has 26 employees (including those from the US) in 5 cities of the country.

The further it goes, the better it gets. According to Yuliya Nikolaychuk, Executive Director of CCX Ukraine, for a quarter of a century the organization trained about 1,700 student leaders, and reached around 26,000 non-Christian students with  high-quality  modern preaching!

It is always better to hear live testimonies of former Christian students and now active agents of transformation. And we had this extraordinary chance.

"I grew up in a traditional Catholic family. My dad, who called himself a Catholic, was really not," Alyona Fedchyshyna, 23, from Kharkiv said from the stage. "So for me faith was a matter of having it ’deep in the soul.’ But I wentto Mission Week and realized that there is life in Christ. Through the ministry of CCX, I came to church, where I accepted Christ in half a year."

"I grew up in the family of Orthodox‘atheists,’ added Karina Bolbekina, 23, from Simferopol. "Later I got to one of the summer camps of CCX and realized that I wanted to be like Christians, but I did not understand what their secret was. In 2011, I felt a desire to go church, and CCX was a bridge to it. A year later I accepted Christ."

In addition to these students’ testimonies, we also heard life storiesof those people who used to be CCX students and had already achieved certain heights in life.

For example, Olena Colstio  served in the student Christian movement since the summer of 1989. In the next decade, she managed to serve as a missionary in Mykolaiv, Odessa and, as a pioneer, in Kharkiv. "As one of the first staff workers of CCX in Kharkiv, she laid the foundation for our today's ministry," admits Vasyl Aharkov, a current staff worker of CCX Ukraine in Kharkiv.

Here is the testimony of Sergiy Golovin, a physic by training and an apologist by calling: "My life in God began in parallel with the start of CCX. I grew up and made mistakes together with CCX. In today's church nobody will give you freedom to make mistakes and correct them afterwards," he said. "Students are those people who will build a true society. The church of tomorrow depends on them," he added.

There is much important work to do among students. There are about 2 million students in Ukraine. According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Education, about 64 thousand are foreign students from 147 countries of the world.

Consider 25-year-old Marissa Mayer, the ex-head of Yahoo! who became the first woman in Google. For CCX Ukraine people like Marissa are a reason to reflect on strategic leadership in university evangelism, to thank God for His actions in the past, and to reconcile plans for the future.