Kharkiv Project WHAT IF…? Day 1: God and Fighting Corruption in Focus

News from Kharkiv!

The first day of the week-long project WHAT IF…?ended. Words, photos or even videos cannot convey the atmosphere and emotions of the day.

On Monday we held lectures at 3 universities. SerhiyGula, a lawyer and the chairman of the NGO “No bribery!” gave a lecture on the topic "The Origin of Corruption and Ways to Deal with It" at the National Law University.

Sixty students attended the lecture and almost each of them signed a declaration that they would not take or give bribes. Looking at these young students, one understands that our country still has a future. The main idea of Gula’s speech boils down to this: "We should not wait for a leader who will influence the country; changes begin with each of us!" One student responded, "Very cool. I think this hour will change the lives of most of those present."

The same day we also held lectures at the H.S. SkovorodaKharkiv National Pedagogical University and V.N. KarazinKharkiv National University. KostakeMilkov, a graduate of Oxford University, Master of Arts and PHD from Macedonia, gave two lectures on the following topics: “There is God, but not here and not now,” and “Life questions: in pursuit of happiness.” The students who attended participatedactively, talked to the speaker and came to the evening events.  This means the lectures were fruitful!

The culmination of the whole weekwas the evening intellectual café.Lectures on frequently asked questions to Christians, discussions, tea, music, and drama skits were waiting for students. It is the fourth time such a project was held in Kharkiv, but Monday is always a hard day! Twenty seven students came to the program, attracted by lectures at the universities and our advertising campaign! We are glad and grateful to God for every new acquaintance we made and pray that this circle may expand.

P.S. You may enjoy the pictures form the project WHAT IF…? Here.

Author: OlenaMelnikova, staff worker, CCX Kharkiv.