Kharkiv, don’t miss a Partner Party, November 23!

Kharkiv citizens, we do not know if you had some plans for Wednesday night but there is a good and important reason to stroll along the street: ССХ Ukraine is throwing a Partner Party in Kharkiv!

So, the day after tomorrow in the intellectual bar “Lacan” (74, Pushkinska Street) all our friends get together – both present and future.

You may either already be a partner of CCX or only thinking about becoming one. 

Caption under the picture: Intellectual bar.

This party is a great opportunity to learn more about CCX from the horse’s mouth. A special guest is coming from Kiev, Yevgen Shatalov.

Are you in doubt about whether to support CCX or not? At this party you will meet our present partners who already cooperate with us and trust us.

Communication, which might change your Christian life, will be done in a comfortable place in the heart of the city. Rumor has it that a pleasant atmosphere and treats are guaranteed.)

There are no conditions for participation. Only a short registration here:

The last but not the least: we will be TRULY glad to see you!)