Equipped, Refreshed and Recharged: SALT 2019

This month was marked by the exceptionally evident presence of God at our annual student conference SALT. The CCX team had set special goals for the project: to help students to form a Christian outlook, and to inspire students and engage them in the ministry, equipping them with the most relevant tools for the work. Our main focus was set upon passages from the book of Malachi. Students enjoyed studying it, and also enjoyed the central daily seminar “The Gospel as a Lifestyle.” Ben Morrison, a member of CCX’s Board of Trustees, unfolded that seminar’s secrets for our 42 student and 14 workers (including 6 interns). It was most exciting to hear at the end of the conference that 34 students decided to dedicate their time, effort, and money to serving God with CCX.

This feedback from one of the students leaves no doubt that quality changes are on their way in Ukraine: “One of the most memorable evenings was when we united in prayer for Ukraine, for regions where we have CCX representatives, and for international movements. As we stood by the map of Ukraine on the floor, students’ prayers were immensely powerful; one could feel it in the air. Changes are at hand!”