Drama for Ukraine. A New Method, New Possibilities

Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. (Matthew 28:5-6)

We wanted to share these very words with students a week before Easter. It is not a coincidence that the first student performance of Mark Drama took place on the eve of Easter. Easter in Ukraine is one of the most important holidays, providing a wonderful opportunity to share the Good News with non-Christians. So, what happened on April 22, 2019, was an experimental theatre that staged a performance based on the Gospel of Mark.

Our first Mark Drama performance debuted in the cozy hall of a small opera house in front of fifty spectators. A team of fifteen amateur actors so got into their characters that they took the audience back in time two millennia. It was useful to show the full Gospel describing the ministry, the death, and the resurrection of Christ in just 90 minutes a week before Easter.
The amazing influence of the drama is seen in the feedback of the audience and actors:

A spectacular show! Even though the actors were amateurs, they managed to create the right atmosphere that really immersed the audience in the depicted events. Sometimes it was a little creepy (a scene with a Crucifixion, a knock of hammer, and a blurred light), so I lived through the play. When I learned that the performance was prepared in three days’ time I was pleasantly shocked: such a short term and such a terrific effect. (a non-believing student)

The event took place right after Mission Week within a series of events organized to encourage students to join one of the local university chapters. In this way, CCX introduces and practices new methods of engaging students, building Christians, and spreading the Gospel among non-Christians.

Mission and Grace. Stories from Kharkiv

Project “Christianity Without Censorship” took place in Kharkiv on April 1-5, 2019. Kharkiv was the last city of the Mission Week season for the fifth time in the last five years.

Everything started as usual with passing out fliers, continued with questionnaires, video interviews, and flash mobs, and ended with unsurpassed afternoon lectures at the universities, and evening discussions on apologetic topics at cozy cafes. It was our dream this year that 700 students would hear about Christ and believe. This year twenty-five students and volunteers worked with us to achieve this goal.

Four universities gave permission to hold afternoon lectures. It is a bit lower index than the last year, but the lectures were given at a high quality level thanks to the speakers, like Kostake Milkov and Kallum Miller. Both are part of the RZIM organization of Ravi Zacharias. Therefore, it is not surprising that due to the perseverance of the organizers, the great and effective work of the speakers, and interesting lectures, the Kharkiv team managed to attract the attention of 402 students within 5 days.

Michael Ots gave brilliant evening lectures where he gave answers to the most difficult questions about faith, science, ethics, and moral. That is why 368 people heard the well-grounded, powerful news about Christ.

That is, owing to God we have achieved our goal despite limited resources, especially compared to  last year. 770 people attended the event, and more than a half of them were non-Christians.
Some students searched for the meaning of life, and after the project, they were happy to come to the next events in Kharkiv to try to find it in Christianity. There was also a story of a Muslim, who, during our conversation, was struck by the news about the grace of Christ. Two students approached us directly and said they wanted to become Christians.

Here is some feedback from a non-believing student:
I want to express my gratitude to all the organizers. Everything was done and organized very well. I want to thank the invited speakers; they are really very charismatic people. It was a pleasure to hear and watch them. It was very nice to spend time in your little family. I think this project will benefit people, because it was very useful for me. I wish you a successful outcome! This project made me consider a lot of things, see the world from a different perspective. It helped me to get acquainted with people who, let's say, share my ideals more than those who surround me.
The coming weeks will be devoted to working with those who came and expressed a desire to join small groups at different universities. The fruits of such groups are usually repentance and baptism of students, which is the reason CCX exists.

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