Discussion Week 2019 – What is God’s policy?

From March 11-15, 2019, the L’viv team of CCX Ukraine held the project called Discussion Week for the second consecutive spring. Discussion Week consisted of three main elements: creative surveys and invitations, afternoon lectures at universities, and evening programs. As Ukraine approached the presidential elections, we invited students to discuss issues of power, faith, and justice. In contrast to secular authority, we tried to show the true power that is Christ’s power. We told them about Christ as a humble King who gave his life for the sake of the life of His people. We encouraged student-skeptics and religious students to choose the path of Christ and live according to the principles of God's Kingdom.

From March 12-15, 2019, six lectures took place in L’viv at Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Danylo Halytsky L’viv National Medical university, and L’viv Polytechnic national University. Colin Chan Redemer (USA, California) was the main guest lector of the whole Discussion Week. Lecture topics: “What is justice”, “Myths”, and “History and Philosophy of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien”.

It was very easy and natural to share the Gospel with the students, covering the idea of ​​writing of The Lord of the Rings. The lecturer told them about the Christian outlook of the author and explained how the characters’ roles point to Christ as a priest, prophet, and King. The students asked many questions after the lecture, and the professors were glad to invite CCX to hold similar lectures and seminars at the university. 

In total, around 255 students and 14 professors attended our lectures during the week. It was a great opportunity to serve universities, share Christian values and outlook with students and teachers, and build relationships with the universities’ administration.  

After lunch discussions at the universities, CCX students conducted creative surveys at the main buildings of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv and L’viv Polytechnic National University. We asked students in the street about their attitude to religion, politics, justice, and human rights, and invited them to the evening program. That was a good opportunity for CCX students to meet new interested students and have deep conversations.

After lunch discussions and street surveys, we invited students to our evening program called Intellectual Coffee. We had three theme nights: 

  • God and Politics. Who has the real power?
  • God and Justice. Are some people's rights more important than the rights of others?
  • God and History. Does God control history? Has He withdrawn and takes no part in the lives of people? 

In three days, seventy-five students (including thirty non-believers) attended the evening programs and heard the Gospel.

On Friday, we invited students to an informal meeting with our lecturer at a "Story Cafe", and fourteen of them came. Professor Colin Redemer told the stories of his childhood, shared how he accepted Christ and explained why he decided to commit himself to teaching English and Philosophy.

One of the main objectives of Discussion Week was to invite students to further participation in discussion clubs and Bible study of the Gospel of John (Uncover John).

As a result, Bible studies have started this week at Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, L’viv Polytechnic National University, and one inter-university group.

The project was successful because it was mainly organized by CCX students. Christian students learned to work in a team, take new responsibilities, step out of their comfort zone when conducting street surveys among other students, and have deep conversations about faith, politics, and justice. CCX students showed their commitment by daily meetings for morning prayer, and mastered their conversational skills discussing deep and serious topics of faith, power, and human rights with their groupmates.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who supported the project, helped in the organization of lectures at the universities, took part in the street surveys, and joined our evening discussions at Intellectual Coffee. We hope that this project will strengthen the faith of many students, help them to understand God better, and form the right attitude to faith, politics, and justice.

Press Centre of CCX Ukraine