Creativity for God. A ProjectFrom CCX Kharkiv

Five years ago, CCX Ukraine introduced a new project– Mission Week. Many different events take place for five days on university campuses, and all events are focused on discussions of frequently asked questions about Christianity. Christian students want and are ready to talk about such topics with their groupmates and friends.

This year’sproject WHATIF…? Pursued these goals: to tell, share and explain why we are Christians, who Jesus Christ is, and what His teaching is all about.

Before the project we conducted a survey, and asked the respondents only one question: “What question would you like to ask Christians?” Then the topics for the project discussions were selected based on the survey results.

On the fourth day of the project, during our evening session, Sergiy Sudakov, a minister of the Presbyterian church in Kharkiv, said that there is a noticeable tendency towards accepting theism in the modern world. He also mentioned that modern philosophical movements already refuse to discuss the question of the existence of God. Taking in account such global changes, it is not surprising that the students in Kharkiv are also considering questions of faith.

Before lunch our students used their creativity to the max to not just give out the flyers in the street like all promoters do, but to attract attention. The men wore different costumes, gave away balloons, and conducted polls. Another time, the students took two pitchers and on one of them stuck down the word “Love” and on the other “Sex”. They filled both pitchers with candies and asked the passers-by to make their choice. After that they invited students to the lecture “Sex and Love” at the V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University. Twenty-five students attended that interesting lecture.

On the penultimate evening our intellectual café was attended by more people than on the other days.  Forty students came because they saw either an advertisement on the Internet, or received an invitation from their friends, or they just got a flyer in the street. We received only positive feedback from the participants. The students stated that the program became more interesting each day, the talks were more penetrating, and communication deeper.

Also, on the penultimate day of the project WHAT IF…? Marcus Jobe, gave a lecture on “The Basics of Christian Financial Management”. Sixty-eight students came to listen to the lecture of this native speaker and professor of Miami University Oxford.  Better than an English class!

Unfortunately, the project is over. But it is not lectures that are important, but rather relationships built for a long period of time. We hope and pray that CCX Ukraine will make new friends; the churches will get new parishioners, and most importantly that new souls will enter the Kingdom of God.

Author: Olena Melnikova, staff worker, CCX Kharkiv 

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