CCX Youth Distributed 5,000 Gospels to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Kyiv

The annual Podyaka Fest (Thanksgiving Festival) was held in Kyiv on Thanksgiving Day, September 23, 2018. From 13:00 to 18:00 one could meet skateboarders, artists, or athletes, and visit thematic photo zones. In addition to entertainment and presentation tents there was also an evangelistic location. It was organized by the youth of CCX Ukraine. All visitors could get the Gospel of Luke for free!

The aim was to interest people in reading the Bible, and make a start with the Gospel of Luke, presented in a modern format, with QR-codes leading to an attractive website with corresponding video responses on six key issues regarding faith in Jesus Christ.

Representatives of CCX Ukraine talked to people about the project, and there were those willing to take up the challenge and start reading the Bible, beginning with this one book. Many people wanted to take the Gospels for their friends; some wanted to take packs of books to present them to their friends and relatives. Due to our limited quantity, we could only supply Gospels to those present at the celebration that day. Almost 5,000 people received a copy. The PULSE organization made that possible by funding the printing of the Gospels. In addition, their founder, Nick Hall, was one of the main speakers at the festival.

Feedback from CCX Ukraine Participants


Yesterday I had a great opportunity to participate in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day. I enjoyed myself and got a lot of experience, getting acquainted with many people. Hundreds of university students came to know about CCX. High school students also took great interest in becoming part of this movement in the future. We are glad that together as a big and friendly team, we were able to serve Ukrainians and God.

Inna Zhdanyuk, staff worker of CCX Odessa


Yesterday was a wonderful holiday in the center of our country. It is so great that each organization had the opportunity to share its resources and tell about itself. CCX Ukraine had the opportunity not only to visit the event, but also to serve Ukrainians with our resource for Bible study, Uncover Luke (The Gospel of Luke). I am very inspired by our work, because we managed to distribute 5,000 Gospels. What is more, we got acquainted with a huge number of students and believe that it will bring a lot of fruit. Thank God!

Kirill Plado, South Region Coordinator of CCX Ukraine

My mission was to stand at the table in the tent of CCX and distribute our resource Uncover Luke (The Gospel of Luke) to everyone who came to us. At first, many people thought it was just a nice notebook, but we explained that it is one of the books of the Bible, and if they take it, they should read it.  People usually agreed and loved to take the books. Very often people asked to give them a few copies for their friends. In addition, if we met with students who study in Kiev, we invited them to various events of CCX Ukraine. I was glad to see the youth from my church standing next to me; they were active and helped to distribute the Gospels and communicate with people, and there certainly were many people. We also invited people to come to the youth conference Holy Spirit Night with Bethel Music in Kyiv on Thursday.

Denis Kotsiubynskyi, staff worker of ССХ Kyiv English Department


I received a lot of pleasant impressions. I felt a taste of ministry in a new way when I saw the team serving with enthusiasm, sincere smiles and liveliness.

Tanya Skip, volunteer


Press Center of CCX Ukraine