CCX Students in Odessa Learned to Be Grateful

The end of fall is a great time to evaluate the results of the year. It'sa time to remember and express our gratitude to the One who blessed us with all our successes and achievements.

Forty students and alumni came to the Thanksgiving party on September 13, 2017 in Odessa, to learn to be grateful. This event was organized by CCX Ukraine.

We studied the history of Thanksgiving in America in a creative way and evaluated its relevance for Ukraine in the 21st century.

Kyrylo Bondarenko, the pastor of the church Blahodat’ IsusaKhrysta (Grace of Jesus Christ), told us that gratitude is the highest form of acknowledgement of those who do good to us. He also explained how a thankful heart positively affects our everyday lives. 

It was an evening of warm atmosphere, created by both the creative décor of the hall and a magnificent worship group. In addition, we enjoyed communicating on deep topics!

We are deeply grateful to God, our partner church Christian Life Center and alumni Vira Kres, Dmytro Popov and Serhii Yarovyi, whose support made this project possible.