CCX Kyiv Welcomes First-Year Students

The first two weeks of September were marked by an important event – Freshers’ Week held in different universities around Kyiv. It was co-organized by the Ukrainian and English departments of CCX Kyiv, its six employees, two volunteers and 30 students of CCX. This project was aimed at:

1) Finding believing students (first-year students) and involving them in the communities of CCX;

2) Making friends with non-believers through fun and informal events; helping them integrate into university life and sharing the Gospel with them.

“The freshmen are a very important audience, because they have reached a new stage in life. New opportunities for making acquaintances and learning open before them. These students are very ambitious and goal-oriented. Many of them come from other cities and now feel free and independent to make decisions, take risks, and investigate. Therefore, by conducting such a project, in addition to friendship, we propose to study the Bible in the groups of CCX as this can fill the first-year students spiritually and set them in the right direction,” says Marina Gnatyshina, project coordinator.

In the past, the project has been repeatedly held at KNTU, KNLU, and the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. In 2017 Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, NAU, Taras Shevchenko National University and Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts opened their doors too.

Creativity And Meaning of the Project

Every day at the universities, Christian students gave away to freshmen bottles of water with a sticker of CCX and a verse from the Bible: "Whoever drinks this water shall thirst again: But whoever drinks the water that I shall give him shall never thirst…" (John 4: 13-14). In this way,getting acquainted with the "new ones" was easy, because students are always thirsty and hungry.


The novelty of the project was a specially-designed Kyiv City Map, where students could find tips from senior students about university life, and a map of the most amazing places in Kyiv where you can eat at a low cost, use free Wi-Fi, etc.

The students of CCX also had a party for students in the city center with a beautiful view of the central street, Khreshchatyk. Students got acquainted, listened to live music and shared experiences of university life.

As a result of the project, the students of CCX got contact information from 105 students who were interested in coming to CCX events.  At the end of the project, 50 students attended a tour around the castles of Kyiv, with a subsequent discussion on the topic, "Is Jesus just a legendary person or God?" Some students have expressed a desire to read the Gospel of Luke; one student said she wants Jesus to influence her life, and the next day, on Sunday, went to church.

Other interesting meetings and events will follow the project: musical evenings, English clubs, discussion clubs and Bible study groups at KPU, Dragomanov University, NAU, KNLU, Shevchenko University, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and KNU of Culture and Arts. However, employees of CCX Kyiv have already begun to plan Freshers’ Week 2018 and hope to attract even more universities to the project.

Feedback from students:
A student @katrintenetnik wrote the following on Instagram

Why I love CCX and their activities: There is always fun.  Everything is done at a quality level. They always provide food: very tasty and so lovely. Live music, interesting communication ... Students and especially CCX staff at such events are different from other places you can go. They are special, I would say. They are responsive, always ready to come to help, will always take care of you, and show sincere compassion. At this meeting, I was not afraid to leave a bag somewhere with all my belongings, because I knew for certain, these people would not steal anything.

A student at KNLU: 

I was surprised by the good organization of events and the openness of people I saw for the first time. Never heard of CCX before, but took an invitation from a roommate and I'm not sorry! I hope to come back to the events of CCX.

Student-leader at KNLU about her joys and experience at the project:

Due to the weather conditions, we were not able to distribute flyers in the street and were forced to go to the university lecture hall. This could be done only with permission from the university administration and we had none.Therefore, at the second break, the security guards and university administration officials began to approach us under various pretense and tell us to stop the campaign.

However, the Lord arranged everything perfectly and in two breaks we managed to collect about 50 contacts. Several girls came to the Khreshchatyk Party (a party at the main street of Kyiv) and four came on a tour around the castles of Kyiv. And, of course, the greatest blessing for our team was the fact that we found a believer girl named Valeriya, who has already joined CCX.