CCX Kharkiv Submitted to Christ. Wait and See Abundant Spiritual Fruit.

The annual Bible & Life conference of CCX Ukraine took place near Kharkiv on October 13-16, 2017.

The conference theme was the lordship of Christ. For three days, twenty-five students had an opportunity to participate in seminars on this topic.The participants asked themselves “Is Jesus Christ the Lord of all spheres of my life?" "Does my life demonstrate a practical obedience to Jesus Christ and the Word of God?"

Together with Mikhail Melnikov, East Region Coordinator of CCX Ukraine, we learned to inductively study the Bible using the Gospel of John, chapter one. We talked about grace, which was sent to us through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word.

VasilyAgarkov, a staff worker of CCX Kharkiv, led the central seminar of the conference “The Lordship of Christ”. Students analyzed misconceptions about the Person of Jesus Christ. They admitted that true Christians sacrifice their whole lives for Christ's sake, losing nothing but gaining all.

We also talked about the price of following Christ through the example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life and death. We reflected on the Epistle to the Hebrews, which says that one must become a partner in the sufferings of Jesus, if they want to bring God's peace to others.

We also talked about the price of following Christ through the example of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life and death. We reflected on the Epistle to the Hebrews, which says that one must become a partner in the sufferings of Jesus, if they want to bring God's peace to others.

Helen Melnikova, a staff worker of CCX Kharkiv, shared about personal time with God. "The knowledge of the Lord should be our main priority in life,"she asserted. "Prayer and the Word are the basis of my activity."Melnikova encouraged all participants to commit to regular prayer and Bible study.

Together with ViktoriyaAgarkova, a staff worker of CCX Kharkiv, we considered evangelism through friendship. Evangelism is one of the aspects of obedience to Christ as the Lord.

The seminar "Be a friend and share the Gospel" dealt mainly with the issue of friendship. Christians may tend to lose the first part of the phrase "Be a friend" and immediately come to the second - "share the Gospel", which leads to negative consequences.

We answered questions, like "Who is a real friend?" "How can I serve my friend?" "What needs do I see and how can I answer them?" We talked about the need to make sacrifices for the sake of friendship; only if this happens will the friendship be real and strong.

One of the most memorable things of the conference was the active participation of our student leaders, who acted as hosts of the program and speakers in the seminars.

Mark Agarkov assured the participants of the importance of evangelism and presented a special resource for personal evangelism: The Gospel of Luke (Uncover Luke) in Ukrainian.

AlinaTerletskaya conducted a session on the topics "How to invite a friend to the Bible study?" and "How to be a good participant of the group?" It is a great blessing to see students set aflame with CCX’s vision and passing it on to others.

In addition, together with Mikhail Melnikov, we talked about mentoring and the cycle of leadership in CCX. Some students saw the need for a mentor, some decided to help others grow spiritually.

Together with Marina Zgoda, a staff worker of CCX Kharkiv, and VladKoval’chuk, a student leader, we were inspired by the history of CCX. We saw ourselves as part of a large family of CCX and IFES around the world, and heard the stories of students who changed the world.

In addition, students were able to inductively study three chapters of the Gospel of John during small group Bible studies led by the student leaders themselves, and spend quality time in fellowship and love. Most importantly, we were able to draw near both to the Lord and each other.

Here is some feedback from the students.


Going to the Bible & Life conference I intended to serve first-year students because it is my third year in CCX, and certainly not my first conference. However, right after the first seminar, I realized that at this conference, God would reveal many things to me, and I would not be the same any more.

At the seminar "The Lordship of Christ" a lot of things related to my life. I made notes almost all the time. God showed me the changes I need to make in my life and the areas I have not yet entrusted to Him.

After the seminar, we had time for reflection and prayer. I was able to rethink my life and give these areas to God.

The second session was called "Personal Time with God". It raised an extremely acute issue for me. I could hardly read the Bible. During the session, I heard the answers to all my questions about this problem and to this very day I read the Bible (I try to do it in the morning).

In addition, God gave me answers to some questions through the sermon on Sunday and the girls' party. Yes, it was cold, but it was a big plus. I felt like I was on a hike, my feet were cold. The cold made us friends. We became like one family. We helped each other and searched for woolen socks and warm clothes for those who were cold. If it was necessary, we shared medicines. Despite having to leave in the middle of the conference, God revealed to me many things I need to work on.

Irina Borisenko:

Even though it was cold and I got sick on the first day, God gave me an understanding that this time should be devoted to the conference, and I had a great desire to stay there until the very end.

I prayed, and God really healed me the next day (for my weak immunity it was really a miracle).

All the seminars were interesting and useful. I felt as if God woke me up. Once again, I remembered the importance of daily morning Bible reading and prayer, and I received practical advice on how to stick to one's plans and be disciplined. This is very valuable.

For the second day in a row I got up at 6 AM for prayer and Bible reading. What a blessing it is to start the day with God!

I really loved the Bible & Life conference.This was my third conference. Whenever I take part in it, I always receive a lot of valuable knowledge, which later helps me to serve the Lord.

I want to say many thanks to everyone who took part in the preparation and running of this conference. CCX really does a great job, and I thank God that I can be a part of this ministry.

Please pray that the truths heard by the students about the Lordship of Christ will not be forgotten, but be put into practice in their lives, transforming everything around them, and that the seed that was sown will grow and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Author: Viktoriya Agarkova, a staff worker of CCX Ukraine