CCX Kharkiv Reached Almost 170 Students in One Day

The project WHAT IF...? continued all week in Kharkiv. Its main goal was to answer frequently asked questions about Christianity, topics that everyone has considered at least once in his life.

There was a big team of organizers behind the lectures and the program. Every day the team started at 8 am with prayer and breakfast together. After that, four teams began working right away.

One team wentinto the streets to invite students to different lectures. The second team phoned people who attended the program on the previous day and reminded them that the program continued for the next couple of days. The third team prepared dinner for our always-hungry students, and the fourth team worked on photo and video materials and sent out meeting information on social networks.

Yesterday lectureswere held at five universities at the same time! In total, 167 students attended those lectures. When CCX students negotiated with the administration of their universities about the topics of the talks, the administrators had diverse reactions. A few universities liked the idea so much that they even required students to come to the lectures, but those students were a minority. Most universities simply gave permission and the students came on their own, interested in the topic.

As for the evening program, it was superb! Our hosts warmed up the audience and held very good lottery draws. Those opening moments were followed by an interesting speech and a good discussion. All aspects of the program created an atmosphere of openness and acceptance.

In addition to Ukrainians, seven international students also came to the evening program. At the end of our evening sessions we had to literally drive people out of the hall as no one wanted to go home.

Both the team and the guests are glad that there are 3 more days of the project left, and we can enjoy a cool program and each other's company. In addition, the project WHAT IF…?does not end with the last day of the week. We have already planned to have further meetings at six universities, which will last until the beginning of the examination period. As they say, to be continued...

Author: OlenaMelnikova, staff worker, CCX Kharkiv.