Bible & Life Conference in Odessa.Christianity 24/7

The Autumn Conference of CCX Odessa “Bible & Life” took place in the village of Petrodolynske, not far from Odessa on October 6-7, 2017.

This year’s conference theme was “Christianity 24/7”.

The world is rapidly changing, becoming more stressful and deep. How can you live in this marvelous new world without losing yourself and your faith in Christ?

The main speaker of the conference was Benjamin Morrison, the pastor of Calvary Chapel in Svetlovodsk and coordinator of the City2City movement in Ukraine. 

Benjamin led us through the Bible, explaining what the true worship is, and how we can misunderstand its essence. We learned to apply the principles of “life in worship” to our everyday affairs: studies, work, interaction with the state, etc.

Being a Christian 24/7 is difficult work, but this is what we are called to do.

Together with Alexander Zhakun, South Region Coordinator of CCX Ukraine, we studied how God’s grace works, through the example of the apostle Paul’s life and that of the author of the famous “Amazing Grace” hymn, John Newton. In addition, we learned from them to share our testimonies about our own meeting with Christ and its lifelong influence on our lives.

NataliiaMiagka, a staff worker of CCX Odessa, led us in the Bible study, a very hard passage, Luke 18:18-30. The dialogues of Jesus with the rich man and the disciples aroused many questions and discussions. Can rich people be saved? What exactly prevents them from entering the Kingdom of God? What blessings will be given to those who sacrifice the most valuable thing in their earthly life for Christ’s sake? Not all of these questions have pat answers, but nothing should be in the place of God in our lives, because He wants to bless us with a full life in Him alone.

Tatiana Petrova, a staff worker of CCX Odessa reminded us of the importance of the Great Commission in the life of every Christian. We watched a short film “Lost in the Sea”, which illustrates different attitudes of Christians towards their participation in missionary service and we learned how to invite our fellow students to evangelistic projects.

In addition, during the conference students became more familiar with such resources from CCX Ukraine as the Mission Week “Project 1517” and the Gospel of Luke (Uncover Luke).

The conference was not only a place of study, but also led to quality communication. Students from different universities could get to know each other and spend time together.

We are grateful to God for the eleven students who participated in the weekend, for the speakers and for a cozy place for this conference.

Iryna, a student at Odessa’s ChristianOpen University of Economics and Humanitarian Sciences, summed up her impressions of the October 2017 Bible & Life conference in this way:"During the Bible & Life conference, I spent wonderful time with God, made friends with wonderful people and learned how to be a Christian 24/7 in all spheres of my life. I realized that the most important thing is that now I know how to properly witness to people, evangelize and bring them to the Lord!"

Author: Alexander Zhakun, South Region Coordinator of CCX Ukraine