Attacking with the Truth. CCX Kyiv Presented Students with Unstained Christianity

From March 12-15, 2018, the Kyiv team of CCX Ukraine saw especially clearly how God united the city’s team of students and volunteers and used them to actively preach the Gospel at two universities.

God powerfully used Mission Week, the annual evangelism project of CCX Ukraine, which takes place in the largest cities of Ukraine. The theme of this year's project remained unchanged from last year: "Myths Busters". We stated that today's youth have many stereotypes about Christianity, stereotypes that do not correspond to reality. Together we explored to what extent a person could trust these stereotypes.

During the four-day project, we reached about 200 new students with the Gospel. We believe that God sent us people with very deep questions and a desire to explore their questions further. In addition to the six employees of CCX Ukraine, this year's team consisted of eleven students, seven volunteers, and three guests from Nikolaev, Georgia, and Armenia, as well as ministers from Golgotha Church, the Presbyterian Church of the Holy Trinity, DzhereloZhyttia (the Source of Life), The First Baptist Church in Brovary, Vidrodzhennia, the Baptist Church of Zolotonosha, and Friends of Christ Church.

So, what was going on?

Our usual morning began at 7:20 AM with prayer together, sharing encouraging moments from the previous day, and discussing organizational issues. From ten to fifteen people daily attended those morning devotions. One student even suggested "doing such morning prayers more often, because they set the right tone for the whole day".

After that, we went to the universities, where we used creative ways to invite students to lunch activities. For example, on the day of the topic "Church is a Business" at Taras Shevchenko National University, we sold snow and air. It is interesting that after that "advertising campaign", fourteen students showed up for our lunch program at this university, the record lunch time attendance.

In addition, we asked students to solve children’s tricky puzzles, and spin a wheel of ideological views. We offered participants tea and candy,communicated with them and prayed for them.

At Kyiv Linguistic University, we had lectures on the following topics: "Truth Cannot be Found in the Modern World", "Evil Cannot Be Stopped" (by Pastor Benjamin Morrison) and "Each Person is Only Worth 40 UAH" (together with Marina Gnatyshyna). Meanwhile, at Taras Shevchenko National University we destroyed such myths as "God Limits My Freedom" (speaker -YevhenYashchenko), "In the Post-truth Era Everyone Lies" (speaker - Denis Kondyuk) and "Church is Business" (speaker - Melvin Pike).

“In general, to live through Mission Week and to hear about it are very different things. You really fill up and become firmer and convinced in your Christian principles,” says LesyaChornobai, a Christian student from Taras Shevchenko National University. “I was especially encouraged by morning prayers. In general, it is an incredibly important event not only for evangelism, but also for victory over personal fears. It's a lesson to trust God even more.”

After a short break for lunch, the team started preparations for the evening program, which was held in the heart of the city on Independence Square. There was something special in hearing the Good News in the heart of our country's capital every night.

In the evening we fought myths “All Religions Lead to One God”, “Jesus is Just a Carpenter/Moralist” (speaker - Samuel Petrovsky), “Christianity is a Religion of Violence” and “There is No Life After Death” (speaker - Benjamin Morrison).Of course, the reaction of various students was different. One student prayed the prayer of repentance after Pastor Morrison’s talk, and after the program ran up to him with a list of his questions. One student decided to explore the Bible for herself to form her own opinion. Another studentjust got up and left after the beginning of the lecture.

“Generally speaking, after this year’s Freshers' Week I was no longer afraid to stand at a Mission Week table before the students, many of whom may know me,” said Roman Chorny, a Christian student from Taras Shevchenko National University. “During Mission Week I was already bold enough to approach both familiar people and strangers, normal and weird. I asked strange questions of some of them; to others I tried to ’sell snow’. This at least helps to get rid of certain nervous complexes. I saw that it was not that terrible and hard to organize Mission Week at one’s university as I used to believe, though even a decision to hold Mission Week at Taras Shevchenko National University was a step of faith for me. I did not know where we would hold it and who would help us but God provided everything.”

To sum up, we reached the goals we set before the project. There were some discouragements: fewer Christian students were involved, and fewer non-believers came than we expected. But we saw how God did great things through and in the people who came. He sent those who most needed this experience.What we lost in quantity, we won in quality.

For some Christian students, this was their first experience of personal evangelism, and they were just learning to step out of their comfort zone. It was interesting to see how some students shared the Gospel in the street for the first time in their lives. It made them even more confident in talking about God with their groupmates. In addition, this year we tried to make a prayer chain so that people from different churches/countries could choose a convenient time for them and pray for us the whole day. We knew for sure that there was constant prayer for us. Next year we want to increase the team of organizers, as well as to start a separate event within Mission Week for foreign students.

We are thankful to everyone who prayed for us, helped us financially, and helped personally in the organization process.Our mutual work is to make our God's name glorious!