"ССХ Україна" перезапустила студентську раду

On November 25, 2017, CCX Ukraine reestablished a student management body, the Student Council (SC).

CCX’s philosophy is that a student organization aiming to cultivate student leaders should have a significant part of its management delegated to the students themselves. They should have influence in the strategic planning of the organization, create and run projects andparticipate inthe management decisionsof the CCX board.

There was a previous SC functioning in 2012-2014, but with the start of Maidan Revolution everything turned upside down. However, the concept and responsibilities of SC members has been redefinedand a new SC is now functioning.

A problem withour previous structurewas that it used a European model. That model did not factor in the differences between European and Ukrainian students, especially in areas ofdelegating responsibilities.

In the reinvigorated SC we have lowered our expectations in some areas, and focus insteadondevelopingyoung people’s accountability and leadership skills.

The SC is made up of one or two representatives from CCX chapters in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa, L’viv, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky and the English department; there are 10 student representatives in all.

At the first meeting, we introduced the students tothe activities and operational management of CCX.They were told aboutfundingsources for the ministry; the structure of the organization, the responsibilities of employees, coordinators, the director, the management board of CCX, current partners,last year’s results, and so on.

Students actively listened and participated in the discussionsby asking questions and learning confidentialinformation about CCXso they could gainunderstandingabout potential pitfalls in the organization. Thisopenness increasedthestudent’strust in the organization and created a sense of belonging.

Our goal is to make students understand that CCXis their organization, a student movement, and they are the ones who can take responsibility for its developmentat all levels.

An important part of the meeting wasthe presentations given by each region’s representatives. We asked them beforehand to make their presentations as interesting, meaningful and professional as possible and to staywithin seven minutes.

They handled the presentations successfully. After each one, students asked questions, shared what was new for them and the ideasthey would take back to their regions to put into practice. It was nice to see how the students cheered, praised each other, noted bright moments, and prayed for each region.

Of course, we could not pass up the opportunity to train our student leaders. CCX Ukraine Student Council memberslearned from a seasoned professional as they studiedthe topic, "How to succeed in a career".The speaker was the well-known personality, Elena Droshchenko.

Elenacame to God through CCX while she was a student at Kyiv National Linguistic University. She started her career as a staff worker forCCX and was with the organization for five years. She then decided to continue her studies in America. Later, her rising business career led to a governmentalposition as a professional HR manager, which gave her influence at the State level. She worked in the Administration of the President, in "Ukrposhta" (Ukrainian postal service), on television, in "Nova Poshta" (Delivery service) and she developed severalprograms on psychological counseling.

Elena challenged the studentsby raising complex issues about key components of professional growth.She familiarized them with the reality of the labor market in Ukraine, and warned about possible conflicts in professional and personal ethics. She also explained the necessityofunderstanding and protectingone’s own values. At the same time, she encouraged the young people, noting, “Self-confidence is something that can be built up through the experience of achieving results. The main point is to discover, by trial and error, a perfect combination of what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at and what is well paid.”

The Japanese call this, “Ikigai,” which means "the cause of my being". The speaker listened carefully to the students’ comments and responded to every question. In realitythere is a largegap between the knowledge and skillslearned at universitiesand the ones actually needed in the labor market. Modern students have great ambitions,but the university does not provide adequate preparation for their implementation. That is why meetings with professionalslike Elena, who already has 20 years of experience working with people,are valuable becausethey areliving examples with important things to say.

The next SC meeting will be on January 30, 2018at whichwe will involvestudents in buildingteamworkwhile planningprojects. Although these students are only 17 to 20 years old, they are mature for their age and have great ambitions to becomeinfluencers.

Here is some feedback from students about their SC experience.

Oleksiy Terletskyi, a first-year student at the L’viv National University named after Ivan Franko:

For me to be part of the Student Council of CCX Ukraine is to represent the interests of my city, be an intermediary between other cities, influence decision making, study, take examples from the representatives of other cities and get leadership experience.

Natalia, a sixth-year student at Odessa National Medical University:

It is a great honor for me to be part of the SC. It unitesinvolved students who "burn" for God and His kingdom. And for me, this means, first and foremost, the responsibility and care of the students inCCX from other regions of our country. During our presentations, I especially liked the moment when we could share our own ideas and find new ones we could apply in our ministry. Another important part of the meeting was prayer for each other and for our unity. I was greatly inspired by the courage and faith of the Kharkiv team. We know that God is for us, but we do not always use it. In addition, I was warmed by the loving hearts of the students from Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky: Jesuschanges people fundamentallyby His great love and care for them. Special thanks to Yulia Nikolaychuk for such a warm welcome and dinner! And also our lecturer, Elena, for a lively and very motivating lecture!

Mariia, a student at Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky University:

It is a great blessing for me to be a member of the SC and represent a small town among the big cities with developed chapters of CCX Ukraine. It is also very inspiring to see devoted students who conduct active outreach activities and reach many students with their own light. It is a great encouragement to see how God works in them and through them, to learn not to be afraid of difficulties, accept challenges, and see God's will in everything. Many thanks to all the organizers and the SC for your sincerity, experience and support. May the Lord fulfill the desires of your heart!

Polina, a second-year student at National Aviation University:

For me, becoming part of the Student council is really a special challenge! This is not only a great responsibility buta great motivator for me to do my best. I strongly believe that the SCwill help every team grow and advance in their cities, and enhanceCCX ministryoverall.

I see so many opportunities in this! The first meeting was hugely motivating. The most valuable thing for me was to hear how selflessly each city team serves, despite the pressures, and how God opens doors fortheir projects even at city governmental levels.I'm sure that student leaders have bold dreams in their hearts which can seem unattainable for their team. But together we can turn them into reality and fully realize the potential of each leader and student of CCX Ukraine. I am already looking forward to the next meeting and to startingthe planning process.I'm happy to be a part of a wonderful team and make history together!"

Alina Terletska, a student of the Kharkiv National Law University:

I remember how Elena began to tell me about SC, and I did not understand what it was all about. It sounded very serious. So, at first I thought it was better to stay out of it and prayed for a week to find out God’s will concerning this matter. I did not think that I would say it, but Yulia was right indeed, this time was a time of rest for me. I was glad to forget about my daily routine for a while and have a change of scene. It was interesting to learn about the life of CCX students in other regions. It was an incredible encouragement and inspiration. Another interesting point was that I somehow was not very interested in the other CCX chapters in our region. Therefore, this meeting was a good opportunity to find out what the CCX chapters are doing in my region. I was very impressed and became more confident after the meeting with Elena Droshchenko. After her presentation, I realized that it was necessary to review and clearly define my values and principles and to abideby them in my further professional activity. I also liked the friendly atmosphere of our meeting; there was no tensionbetween employees, interns, the director orstudents.I’m sincerely thankful for the frankness and simplicity. I want to become more responsible and more interested in the life of other chapters. It was cool to adopt some ideas from other regions, like a speaking club and lectures that simultaneously intersect with the profession ofChristian values.P.S.: A pleasant bonus was a meeting with my brother. I am glad to see how he is growing and developing. I must admit that before he got into CCX we had a strainedrelationship and fewthings in common tounite us. For me, to be part of the CCX SC makes me aware that our point of view is taken into consideration and we must be worthy representatives of our regions in order to adequately influence its further development.

Additional information:

The Student Council is CCX Ukraine’shighest levelof student involvement.

Functions of SC members:

1.         Participation in the planning, evaluation and development of the CCX ministry strategy for theircity. 

2.         Participation in the development of initiatives and a five-year strategy forCCX Ukraine.

3.         Monitoring the status of university chapters in their city.

4.         Development of the, “A cup of coffee,”project: presenting it to students, providing motivation, giving reminders.

5.         Communication with the representatives of the CCX SC from other regions. Three meetings per year and regular Skype sessions to encourage and share experiences.

6.         Possible creation of initiatives (camps, conferences, projects, resources) for the development of student ministry.

7.         Possible missionary activity, which includes the preparation and implementation of projects in cities where there is not yet an CCX chapterwith the goal of spreading student ministry in Ukraine.

Requirements for candidates:

One or two student leaders (in the 2nd to 4th year of their studies)are selectedfromtheir university chapters to serve on the SC. Members of the council are given a term of one year and may be re-appointed. Astudent may serve in the SC for no more than 3 terms. Aselected member of the SCmust makea commitment to servefor oneyear from September to September.


-     Be an active leader on their university campus and, if possible, take part in all city projects

-     Represent their region at all meetings of the SC.These meetings will be held three times a year in various Ukrainian cities

-     Perform the above described functions of the SC



-     Participate in CCX conferences andpersonal growthtraining

-     Financial support for CCX projects

-     Training, mentoring and coaching from CCX employees

-     Access to information about the organization and development of CCX Ukraine

-     Officially represent CCX at variousforums and conferences in Ukraine and other countries

-     Take part instaff worker team meetings in their cities

Yulia Harbuza, Kyiv staff.